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A Christmas Miracle - Assurance for the New Year

This past Sunday, Christmas Eve, I concluded the teaching series at our church; LaFayette Church of God. Waiting, not only a series for teaching, but also one that I have written about over the last few weeks. However, as we brought this to a close we were reminded perhaps of the greatest Christmas miracle, ever. Sure, the birth of Jesus Christ is the greatest one, but who God chose to include in His birth story, perhaps, makes it that much better.

A familiar story, to believers, found in the Gospel according to Luke, chapter 2; gives us insight to some intentional planning of God. In fact, the reality is, I wouldn't have chosen Mary but He did. Sure I know the prophet foretold it would be a virgin birth, but surely there were other virgins in the city of Nazareth. I doubt I would have chosen Joseph. Again, I know that even the angel gave us insight that Jesus would be of the lineage of David, and I know that Joseph met this need. But why a carpenter, to raise the Only Begotten? M…

A Christmas Promise

This past Sunday, December 17, 2017; I was privileged to continue preaching the series, Waiting; at our church. The text of choice came from the Gospel according to Matthew chapter 1, verses 18 through 25. Throughout this series we have discovered that we are all waiting on something. However, after countless prophecies given in the Old Testament of the birth of a Savior, there was a season of silence, lasting 400 years (note the blog post, Waiting.) 

The angels visit to Joseph, or Gabriel's visit to Mary recorded in Luke 1, came no longer as a prophecy, but rather as a promise! The Old Testament prophecy had become the New Testament promise. We discovered in our Morning Encounter service at LaFayette Church of God (LaFayette, GA) that the same promise given to young Joseph and Mary of a baby that would save the people from their sins, is the very same promise to you and I today. The angel told Joseph in v. 23, "Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall…


A devotional I recently began, through the Advent season, Waiting Here For You by Louie Giglio has brought incredible insight to my position in prayer. One of the greatest quotes so far, Waiting is not wasting when you are waiting on the Lord. 

Currently we are in a four week teaching series at our church, Waiting. We've discovered that were all waiting on something. However, what were waiting on is what really matters. Some are waiting on the special holiday season. Others on a report from the doctor. Perhaps, a few are waiting on a baby or the arrival of a loved one that they have not seen in some time. While maybe there are those waiting for the final notice of eviction, or letter of regret from the bank. Whether the wait is on something grand or something tragic, we are all WAITING...Often times the wait is the hardest part. The unknown is the scariest. The negative what ifs' or what about' somehow seem to blur the positive.

Paul the Apostle said in Romans 8:18, For I …