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Saturday, December 6, 2014

A month ago today, was my last post. However, I can't help but want to write today as I reflect on this year, that's nearly over, and how I find more and more the importantce of family. 
This year we buried Kayes grandmother and tomorrow is her birthday. So perhaps it's simply that she is on my mind more than normal today. However, she was and is very important to Kaye and I. I'm reminded of the words of Paul; to live is Christ and to die is gain. Those words describe Mamaw Trammell pretty well. It engages my thoughts to think that as she lived she showed Christ and in this season of Christmas, her favorite time of year, she would show Christ by giving selflessly to those in need. But though my heart is heavy as we miss her this Christmas I'm encouraged by the hope of heaven and that we will see her again someday. 
Jesus gave us all that promise in the Gospel of John chapter 14, that He goes to prepare a place for us, and that He will return, and that where He is we …